Dental implants are the most preferred method of replacing missing teeth because of the following advantages

They are a permanent, effective and safe option.

•They help in proper functioning of teeth like chewing, digestion and enjoying the right taste of food.

•You need not be worried that they may fall. They fit well and last for a lifetime.

•They appear very natural and do not look like artificial teeth.

•They do not cause irritation or pain.                                                                                                               

•Improve speech that might have been compromised due to missing teeth or other prosthesis.

•The success rate of these implants is very high.


Most people choose dental implants over traditional fixed bridges, partials and dentures due to superior function and appearance. Implants significantly improve chewing thus help in proper digestion. Improper digestion can lead to a whole host of digestive complications.

Achieve a confident and brilliant smile with cosmetic dental implants by Dr Cameron Torabi. Missing teeth lead to lack of confidence and compromised speech and chewing ability. Dentures and partials are often uncomfortable and can fall out during eating, speaking, exercising, swimming, etc…With top quality dental implants by Dr Torabi you don’t have to worry about any of that. They appear and function like your original teeth. Therefore, say good-bye to all such worries and regain your confidence.

Whatever the reason for loss of teeth – either accidental or natural, you can get them replaced easily with dental implants. The entire process takes a couple of hours so you don’t have to even take a leave from your job. Dr Torabi and his team of dedicated professionals work with your budget and schedule, so you can get the best possible treatment, comfortably.        

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