Why Dental Implants Have a Very High Success Rate!

A dental implant refers to an advanced technique through which a missing or decayed tooth is artificially replaced. Under this technique, the artificially implanted tooth has a completely natural look about it. One of the reasons why dental implants have a very high success rate is because they deliver better results than fixed bridges or removable dentures. The natural tooth root that has been taken out is replaced by an artificial tooth root so that an artificial tooth can be fixed without any problems.

Dental implants are a very good alternative to missing teeth.  They offer a very stable and effective alternate to your missing teeth. By restoring the tooth roots artificially, you will now be able to support your artificial tooth without any discomfort. The best thing about dental implants is that they also help in preserving the adjacent and supporting bones as well. In fact the success and failure of a dental implant depends a lot upon the procedures followed.

Dental implants have a very high success rate (upward of 96%) over the past few years. This is because of drastic improvements in dental techniques and methods. There are certain factors that contribute to the success of dental implants.

Biocompatibility is one of the crucial factors that determine the success of a dental implant. This means that the material used should be compatible to your body. For instance, Titanium is used instead of stainless steel since steel can corrode over a period of time. Computer guided surgeries and the use of CT scans have also contributed significantly to the success of dental implants.

Another important factor that determines the success rate is the condition of the bone tissue. It is a well known fact that for a successful implant, good oral health and good bone health is of great importance.

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