Importance of Dental Deep Cleaning

Studies confirm that many individuals, in spite of a regular dental care routine, fall prey to the attack of plaque and tarter infection around the roots of the teeth. Even the most careful home oral hygiene sessions leave out some areas of the mouth which cannot be reached by brushing and flossing. Degeneration of teeth and gum start right from here. Regular visit to the dentist can help to eradicate much of the problem but delaying it or neglecting it can bring forth periodontal (gum) diseases which need Dental Deep Cleaning (scaling and root planning) as treatment. Research shows that adults on average need deep cleaning once every 2-3 years.

The deeply embedded plaque, tarter and calculus in the crevices can be detrimental to gum health and bad breath, bleeding or red gums are the first signs of gum disease that can be associated with this condition. If not treated at the right time, this can lead to even more serious conditions like receding gums or advanced periodontal diseases. Deep cleaning is a must for people who are susceptible to conditions like this, as a measure to restore gum health. Periodontal laser treatment and local delivery of antimicrobial agents are often used in conjunction to improve results.

Dental deep cleaning is a more time consuming process than the standard dental cleaning, which is more commonly done. A moderate accumulation of soft plaque can be removed by standard cleaning procedures which are not very complicated. Some patients with sensitive conditions require local anesthesia, after which scaling/root planning is done using special instruments.

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