CEREC™…the ”one visit” dental crowns are so convenient!

People often procrastinate getting dental treatment thinking it would simply take too much time. With CEREC™ you can undergo many restorative & cosmetic procedures in one visit. Before CEREC™, these procedures would take two or more visits.

When it comes to oral health, if timely and proper care is not taken you may land in big trouble. Oral problems require immediate attention failing which may lead to gum infection, tooth decay and many other problems that may affect your overall health and could end up requiring extensive treatments. Many of us avoid taking do not pay proper attention to regular dental check up assuming they’d be expensive & time consuming.

CEREC™ one-visit dental crowns are so convenient; you no longer have to wait for days or weeks for your crown…and you don’t have to be in a temporary crown in the meantime. It is a well-tested and proven technology in dentistry wherein high quality porcelain restorations are done in one sitting.

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